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Some beautiful quotes that show these two are forever. This is just a blip. These were found all around the net, so I’m sure some aren’t verbatim, but I think they’re all legit in spirit if not exact words.

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"Richie’s voice can do things to my body that a woman’s hands can’t do!" - Jon Bon Jovi

"Richie and I are really sentimental about giving each other presents, it’s not that we buy each other expensive gifts. You should see the hell I have to go through. I made cards for Richie, made him a birthday cake. I have burnt my finger so many times." - Jon Bon Jovi, Kyle and Jackie O show

"I’m waiting …. waiting …. waiting… and God sent… Richie Sambora." -Jon Bon Jovi 

"Richie and I are closer than brothers. There have been periods of love and less than love between us, but I don’t think there was ever a period of disrespect. He’s had a few setbacks. He’s been through a difficult divorce, he’s had other personal problems, but he got through it. I’ve spent more of my life with him than I have without him. That’s a statement." - Jon Bon Jovi 

"We have a great time together. We always did, so we always will. We’re more than friends, we’re brothers." - Jon Bon Jovi 

I’m so proud of Richie and so excited to talk about where he’s been and where he is. And I mean he’s just in great physical and mental shape, he’s rebounded from, you know, the couple years that he wasn’t doing so well. Uhm…and it’s really evident on this record. But we are very, very close. We are like best friends and brothers and there’s a lot of mutual admiration and trust and it’s based on a real, honest to God friedship.” - Jon Bon Jovi 

"This is meant to be a stadium, turn-the-guitars-back-up record, and that’s a testament to having Richie at my side," Jon says. "I can’t tell you how much that’s meant. With me and Richie, one and one makes three." - Jon Bon Jovi

"Richie has blown me so away on this record and I’ve always known what a great player he is. Other people sometimes don’t because it’s hard for him to completely shine in the context of this band. But to me he’s always been a guitar hero, and I hope this record will show people just how fantastic he is." - Jon Bon Jovi 

"Richie has known me for so long, that I don’t have to complete a sentence. I can mumble something and he goes: yes, yes I get it. Sometimes my mind goes a lot quicker than my lips. And he is able to understand what I mean." - Jon Bon Jovi 

"Whatever Jon was feeling toward me or I was feeling toward him at the end of the New Jersey tour and during my solo record, we both just kind of put it aside." "This business has a funny way of driving you into weird places, and Jon and I got secluded fro one another. There was no comunication, and that was a problem. We were used to communicating so closely for so many years. All of a sudden everybody is telling you shit, and you dont know what to believe and what not to believe. Ultimately the common cause of the music and taking it out to play for the people cut through it all. Jon and I have never been closer than we are right now."  - Richie Sambora, RIP Magazine 1992

"Immediately, I thought he was very smart, a great frontman, a very talented musician. He’s a very dedicated guy, very focused. He always had a good heart, always took care of the people in the band. It’s very important for everybody to take care of each other, especially the band leader, and Jon’s clearly the band leader. He looked out for us. The relationship’s gotten stronger because of going through everything we went through. There was the amazing success of having one of the top 20 records of all time, the excitement of writing and producing number one records. And we’ve taken vacations together. We still do: we were just in Mustique together for a while. “ - Richie Sambora, The Independent, 1995

I’ve got the best partner and frontman in the business.” - Richie Sambora

"Movies are Jon’s mistress, but his true heart is with me." - Richie Sambora

"Love of music," said Sambora. "Love of each other, you know, the respect and the opportunity that we have, that we’re one of the few bands in the world that have that opportunity… I really don’t like to brag, but we’re a bunch of good guys, you know, and we love each other." - Richie Sambora

“The guy’s extraordinary,” said Sambora while discussing their dynamic front man, Jon Bon Jovi. “It’s like when I walk on stage with him, I’m going, ‘What’s next?’” - Richie Sambora

"And Richie, Richie Sambora. Richie, I’m honored to call you my friend. We’ve done a lot together. You are always looking out for me. And I truly appreciate that. You are truly my right arm. I thank you.” - Jon Bon Jovi

Jon, you are beyond my brother.” - Richie Sambora, Songwriters Hall of Fame speech

"For 25 years Richie Sambora has been my right hand man-the brother, partner and friend you hope to one day find from the time when you’re a kid. I tell people-and I mean this as the highest compliment-you would be lucky to call him your friend."- Jon Bon Jovi 

My Dream Team ♥

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(Source: bonjovisreblogif)

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